About Cleveland Yutaka

CYC is a subsidiary (Incorporated in June 1995) of Yutaka Industry Co., LTD, located in Anjo City, Japan. Upon completion of its modern facility in February 1996, CYC began production with twenty employees in a 56,788 square foot facility. The expansion of our facility in 2015 added 52,552 square foot increasing the total square footage to 109,340 and well over 100 employees.


CYC is a manufacturer of high production, high precision machined parts using CNC, centerless grinding, and centered grinding processes. Our capabilities include machining diameter tolerances as tight as 0.008mm (8μmm) and surfaces as low as 3.2Rz. We maintain standard dimensional characteristic capability targets of >3σ and special characteristic capability targets = >4σ. We are capable of processing aluminum, steel (hardened, non-hardened, stainless), and cast iron. We use in-line and off-line visual and dimensional inspection using outsourced and proprietary inspection equipment that have the ability to detect and control 100% of nonconformities. We can meet your specifications to the micron!

It is CYC's goal to continue its role as a leading international supplier of products and services.  In doing so, CYC will constantly monitor and examine technological advancements and other opportunities in order to provide the finest service to our customers at prices that produce sufficient return to our owners and our employees.  CYC is committed to improvement.  By providing career opportunities, rewarding performance, and creating a pleasant working environment, we encourage our people to excel.  The future of CYC has people at its core, for they are our most valued resource.

Our Environmental Policy

CYC recognizes how our business can impact the environmental stability of the surrounding habits through our daily operations.

1. CYC will seek resources that can improve the company's environmental friendliness

2. CYC will continue to comply with all regulations set forthe by the goverment

3. CYC will conserve natural resources by improving waste reduction

4. CYC will continue to be aware of the company's responsibility to safely contain all chemical substances used

About Our Products

CYC processes automotive components parts (for fuel pump, blower fan, starter, alternator, power window drive shaft , solenoid and suspension) for Toyota, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Hyundai, Honda and more.